Property rental

We will gladly take over the renting out of your property. Whether house, apartment or business, we rent out with pride and passion. Passion and identification with the property are the basic prerequisites for sustainable property rental. When it comes to renting out your property, it is all about long-term and sensible renting. Loss of rent, constant and unnecessary communication with tenants leave a bad aftertaste and should be avoided and excluded as far as possible.

This can only be achieved by a targeted selection of potential tenants who have a feeling for the property and identify with the rented property. Fast rentals against the background of fast commission are an absolute NO-GO and are indicative of the dubious handling of your property. Property creates security and trust and creates wealth. That is why the advertisements or the exposé should be presented with attention to detail. After a strict and targeted selection of potential tenants, the viewing should also be an experience to give your future tenant a feeling for the property. In addition to classic advertising on renowned online portals, we also use innovative techniques, such as video productions or 360 degree animations, as well as classic print media.

We would be happy to talk to you personally and look forward to hearing from you.