Property sales

The sale of selected properties is undoubtedly our core business. The emotional and economic success in selling properties for us lies not in the acquisition of properties, but in the marketing of the property. It is not without reason that investment in property is regarded as the most sustainable form of generating wealth. Property is called concrete gold, which sounds banal and trite but hits the nail on the head. Property estate creates value, gives confidence and security, but also demands responsibility, feeling and respect.

The sale of property therefore requires more than just the talent and perseverance to acquire property in order to have as many properties in stock as possible. Our focus is on offering properties and real estate in the marketplace that meet our expectations, please us and give us fun and pleasure. Selling property means taking on a high degree of responsibility. Responsibility, feeling and respect in both directions. The art is to equate the buyer’s economic and emotional aspects with those of the seller and to understand oneself as moderator.

Would you like to receive personal advice on this subject with regard to the use of your own property or are you planning corresponding investments?

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